- 2019-10-18-

Hello and welcome to The English We Speak,I’m Feifei.大家好,欢迎收听地道英语,我是菲菲。

And I’m Neil. Hey Feifei, shouldn’t we be celebrating?我是尼尔。嗨菲菲,我们不应该在庆祝的吗?


Haven’t we presented a hundred of these The English We Speak programmes together?我们不是已经一起做了一百期地道英语了吗?

A hundred? Oh no, we’ve done way more than that. I could present these programmes standing on my head!一百期?噢不,我们做的可远不止这些。我可以倒立着做这些节目!

That I would love to see!那我倒是很愿意看!

Not literally.I mean do it easily - without difficulty.不是字面上的意思。我是说很容易地做这件事——没有困难。

I know that Feifei – but you probably could present this programme standing on your head because you’re an old hand at this.我知道菲菲,不过你也许能倒立着做节目,因为在这件事上你是老手。

Excuse me? I may have presented this programme for many years but I do NOT have old hands. How rude!什么?也许我做这个节目很多年了,但我确实没有很老的手。你太粗鲁了!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t referring to your hands – they look lovely. If you are an old hand at doing something, it means you are very skilled and experienced. It was a compliment!别担心,我指的不是你的手——你的手很好看。如果你在做某件事上是老手,它的意思就是你技能熟练,富有经验。这是称赞!