- 2019-10-23-

Oh right. Thanks. Let’s hear some examples of this phrase in action…噢对。谢谢。让我们来再听几个例子,看看它是怎么用的吧……

Let’s get Mike in to solve our IT problem, shall we? He’s an old hand at fixing computers.我们让迈克来解决我们的信息技术问题,好吧?他在修电脑方面可是一个老手。

Miguel is an old hand at map reading, so let’s make him the leader on our mountain trek.米格尔在看地图方面是个老手,所以让他来做我们的登山领队吧。

I can see you’re an old hand at project management; it would have taken me days to create a spreadsheet like that!我能看到你在项目管理上是个老手,创建一个这样的电子表格,得花费我几天的时间。

This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English and we’re learning about the phrase ’an old hand’, which describes someone who is skilled and experienced at doing something.这里是BBC英语教学的地道英语,我们正在学习老手这个短语,它描述的是某人在做某事上技能熟练,富有经验。

It’s a handy phrase, isn’t it! But come on Feifei, as you are such ’an old hand’, why not have a go at really presenting standing on your head?这是一个好用的短语,是吧!但来吧菲菲,你这样的老手,为什么不真的试一试倒立着做节目呢?

OK Neil, as you’re paying me a compliment. Here goes… give a hand…Ouch!好吧尼尔,既然你在称赞我。要开始了啊……搭把手……哎呦!

Are you ok? I think you should stick to doing what you are most skilled and experienced at.你还好吗?我认为你应该坚持你最熟练,最有经验的事情。

You mean not listening to your silly suggestions.你是说不听你愚蠢的建议吧。

I’m an old hand at making silly suggestions, Feifei!在给别人愚蠢的建议这件事上,我可是老手,菲菲!

Hmmm, let’s forget our celebration shall we! Bye!嗯,让我们忘了我们的庆祝好吧!再见!

Bye!       再见!